Workers Compensation Doctor

Have you been injured at work? Do you need a Workers Compensation Doctor?
At the Novelli Wellness Center, our Work Comp doctors provide injured workers with five-star treatment that is designed to help them recover quickly and relieve their pain from their workers compensation injury.  Our workers compensation doctors are certified by New York State to examine people who are injured at work and have opened up a workers compensation claim.  Our Work Comp Doctors take great care and detail in their examinations and treatment of people who have been injured at work and work hard to help you reach your health goals.
A work injury can leave you out of work, in pain and feeling like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you.  Our Workers Compensation Doctors understand what you are going through and sympathize with the challenges of being out of work.  Our Doctors strive to be the best worker compensation doctors in Buffalo, NY because of how important it is for you to get great healthcare at this difficult time. 
Commonly Asked Questions By People Injured At Work
1.  How Do I file a workers compensation claim? 
Click here to file a workers compensation claim in New York: 
2.  How do I find a doctor to treat my work comp injury?
Our doctors provide injured workers with 5 star treatment to help the recover quickly from their work injuries.  We have a team of doctors who work together to insure you receive the best treatment available for your workers compensation injury.  You can also review the information on the New York State Workers Compensation Board to see what other doctors are available in your area to help you recover from your Work Comp injury.  
Click here to review the listings of our Workers Compensation Doctors on the official New York State Workers Compensation Board website:
 3.  What are my rights as an injured worker?
The Workers Compensation Board of New York provides a lot of information about your rights as someone who is injured at work.  Here is a link to the workers compensation board of New York that details the rights of people who are injured at work : 
If you have been injured at work and would like to open up a Workers Comp claim, please see a doctor who can examine you and file the appropriate paperwork necessary with the Work Comp Board.  Our office provides people with Workers Comp Doctors to help people treat their work comp injuries and get back to work.
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