Spinal Decompression

There are 2 types of Spinal Decompression that Dr. Stephen A. Novelli, a Buffalo Chiropractor, uses for his patients, and possibly you one day!  One type is called the Accu-SPINA Spinal Decompression Technology.  This is the most advanced in the world and has more research than any other Decompression Table in its class.  The second is called The Cox Technic form of Spinal Decompression.  It has been around longer than any other form of Spinal Decompression and it is INCREDIBLY safe and successful.    
Both forms of Spinal Decompression are gentle, safe and effective forms of treatment for a herniated disc, sciatica, back pain and headaches.  Dr. Novelli, located near Buffalo NY, offers this highly-effective spinal decompression technique as a form of rehabilitation and drug-free pain management. Spinal decompression offers a non-surgical alternative for relief of a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, arm pain, post-surgical back pain, and a degenerative disc.  Cox Technic's effectiveness for these more complex conditions makes it a wise choice for less complex conditions of headaches, fibromyalgia and back stiffness.  

The Effects of Spinal Decompression
Accu-SPINA Spinal Decompression is a large Spinal Decompression table with a computer and a tower attached to it.  The patient wears a harness that fits comfortable around their hips and torso.  A slow, gentle stretch is applied to the patient's spine and is computer guided.  This is the most advanced form of Spinal Decompression Technology.  It has research studies that support it from universities such as Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, Harvard University, Yale University, Duke University and NY Medical University.  The inventor of this technology was a neurosurgeon and it is the premier form of Spinal Decompression in the world.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE RESEARCH STUDIES.

Cox Technic is a gentle distraction (stretching) adjustment of the spine to accomplish the following benefits for the patient with back or extremity pain:

  1. Increase the space between the bones of the spine (basically reversing a degenerating disc)
  2. Decrease the pressure within the disc space to suck a disc herniation or disc bulge back into the spine
  3. Increase the size of the nerve openings in the spine to reduce pinched nerves and sciatica
  4. Restore range of motion to the spine, improving stiffness and muscle pain.

Watch How It Works!

Cox Technic Cervical Spine Effects
Cox Technic Thoracic Spine Effects
Cox Technic Lumbar Spine Effects

  The herniated disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve, creating arm pain, leg pain back pain and/or sciatica. Note that as the disc herniation or bulging disc reduces, the pinched nerve is relieved and sciatica or arm pain reduces.

The Healing Benefits

The spinal decompression videos above demonstrate the following healing benefits to patients with a herniated disc, bulging disc, sciatica, back pain, leg pain or arm pain:  

  1. Spinal decompression in a disc herniation creates a force inside the disc to suck the herniated disc back into the spine where it belongs.
  2. Spinal stenosis, sciatica and herniated discs benefit from spinal decompression because it increases the size of the hole where the nerve exits the spine (which is the sight of nerve compression and pinched nerves).  This will reduce leg pain, arm pain and provide back pain relief. This has been shown to be 200% more effective than physical therapy. 
  3. Spinal decompression restores more movement while also stimulating nerves in the extremities, spinal cord, and brain to produce chemicals that reduce pain and create a sense of well-being and back pain relief.
  4. As these above changes occur under treatment with Cox Technic spinal decompression, leg pain and arm pain can reduce by "centralizing" (or isolating) the pain to the low back and hip area instead of all the way down the leg.
    • This easing of pain in the extremity by moving out of the leg and into the back and hip area is a sign of healing and is called centralization of pain.  This is possible with even severe sciatica or disc herniations.
    • Back pain diminishes as the nerve compression and chemical irritation decreases and normal movement of the spine returns.
  5. Three months time is necessary to allow healing of herniated disc and stenosis caused pain. Some patients receive full relief of pain and some perhaps only 50% relief, depending on a variety of factors.  Either way, to maintain the improvement made with Dr. Novelli's treatment it requires continued observance of rules of exercise, proper ergonomics of lifting, and continued monitoring of care.
The Table

You will notice, as most patients do on their first visit, the special table used for Cox Technic spinal decompression. It is known as The Cox Table. Its design allows for gentle traction of the spine to drop intradiscal pressures (reducing a herniated disc), an increase in disc height (reducing a bulging disc), and an opening of spinal canal area (reducing sciatica) as well as reestablishing individual normal spinal segment ranges of motion (reducing back pain).

The Treatment
lumbar spine Cox Technic
Cox Technic is applied specially for each region of the spine. To see its gentle, effective application, please see the See It In Action page.

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