Nurse Practitioner


Jordan Neudecker is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Functional Medicine. She offers a variety of services at the Novelli Wellness Center for those who are suffering from chronic pain. She provides patients with trigger point injections, vitamin IVs, nutritional plans and various functional medicine techniques.
Check out Jordan's mission for her patients:

"I am committed to providing quality health care. I believe that health is a spectrum, and by aiming for wellness, conditions can often reverse. By determining the root causes of illnesses instead of masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals; one can reduce the burden of disease, reduce the need for medication, and improve their quality of life!


After years of learning and studying the traditional approach to treating various medical conditions, I wanted to take the foundational knowledge that I had gained and find a way to combine that with my passion for holistic health. I enjoy challenging conventional approaches, asking more questions, and learning about new ways to approach chronic pain and inflammation. When a patient reaches a plateau, or feels a void, that’s where I come in.


I want to be of help to those who are genuinely motivated to make a positive change in their lifestyle to contribute to their overall wellness. My approach is not traditional, so the right patient will need to be open-minded to making changes to their daily routines."

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