Success Stories

Deb McNaughton

Prior to meeting with Dr. Novelli, I had severe back pain for 6 to 8 months!

I was visiting my primary doctor, who had taken the usual x-rays and prescribed something for the pain. I, however, had no relief.

My primary did refer me to Dr. Novelli, but I was extremely hesitant and I put this off for 2 months until the pain stared to inhibit my lifestyle greatly, so I finally decided it couldn’t hurt.

After the first visit I was amazed to find major relief. A few more visits and I am pain free, realizing how much of my life and movements were governed by my back pain.

I am truly amazed and now am advising all friends and family who are in pain to visit Dr. Novelli for totally amazing relief !
Deb McNaughton
Diane B.

My name is Diane. I am 54 years old and have had painful bulging discs in my low back for about 20 years. Also, I have had constant headaches and arthritis in my neck . To manage the pain, I tried epidural injections and pain medication with little success.

I started seeing Dr. Novelli recently. After only a handful of treatments, I feel 99% better and I am painfree most of the time. Also, Dr. Novelli has helped me improve my kidney disease with nutritional changes.

I recommend that anyone looking for help see Dr. Novelli because he is a wonderful Chiropractor. I feel younger, I'm able to move better and the nutritional changes he's recommended have worked wonders!

Karen Kozak

Good Morning Dr Novelli. Here is my success story. See you soon!

When most people think of Chiropractors, they think of back pain. I was getting headaches almost daily for about 4 months. Usually they were on the left side of my head and consumed the entire left side of my face. I took asprin, tylenol and sinus medication. Then I went on antibiotics for a "sinus infection" that I don't think I had. Also, I had a tooth pulled that was causing me pain and nothing worked. Now, besides for the suffering, I was really concerned so I went to my doctor and requested a script for a brain MRI. Nothing showed up that could be causing these headaches.

I went to see Dr Novelli because my left arm was going numb due to a cervical spine problem. After just a few treatments on my neck, not only was my arm better but the headaches were GONE! What a relief!

I've learned an important lesson; Chiropractic treatments are amazing for various aches and pains and injuries. So before you load yourself up with all kinds of pain medication, make an appointment to see Dr. Novelli and you will find that he, along with his wonderful, professional staff, will take your pain very seriously and help in any way they can.

Thank you Dr Stephen Novelli.

Karen Kozak
Julie Fischione

Dear Dr. Novelli,

I wanted to say thank you for all your help with my frozen shoulder. I had been suffering with it for seven months when I came to see you. This was the second time I experienced this but with the other shoulder. The first time (about two years ago), I went to physical therapy for nine months. I spent a lot of time and money and in the end I still didn’t have a full range of motion and was in pain. They told me that was as good as it gets.

In February of 2011 I got frozen shoulder on my other side and didn’t go back to physical therapy. I thought there has to be a better way. After months of looking I found your website. When I came to see you I had hope of moving my arm again and being out of pain.

When I had the manipulation under anesthesia I saw immediate results. Then with the help of exercises and stretches you gave me to do I had full movement of my arm back by the second week of October! Only two months after the procedure and my shoulder was completely fine. No pain, no frozen shoulder!

Thanks again for helping me.


Julie Fischione

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