Orchard Park, NY Chiropractic Benefits Degenerative Disc Disease

“Oh, I don’t think I can do that. My back’s acting up today.” This remark isn’t just said by the aged individual. Young people say it, also, and not just to get out of work or cleaning the house!

disc degeneration pictureDisc degeneration turns up in the young and the older person. Novelli Wellness Center recognizes that young people with degenerative disc disease report more severe lower back pain symptoms. (2) 80% of both older and younger people with disc degeneration have a loss of glucose inside the disc which ends in cell death. (1)  Not good when your discs are degenerating! But, don’t let the statistics alarm you. Novelli Wellness Center offers chiropractic care and treatment plans to help its Orchard Park, NY patients find pain relief.

Though degenerative disc disease was found in a third of young people who reported no back pain, those who had more pain also had more disc degeneration. That makes sense! It also points out that the pain they feel is probably due to the disc itself. Novelli Wellness Center helps discs!

Now, the disc in the spine depends on nutrients it gets from surrounding blood vessels to stay healthy. A degenerated disc is deformed and loses its nutrient content. Poor nutrition leads to disc degeneration and results in pain. Orchard Park, NY’s chiropractor treatment relieves pain for many Orchard Park, NY residents who battle the effects of disc degeneration and degenerative disc disease with gentle chiropractic care.

Novelli Wellness Center’s chiropractor uses gentle, non-force chiropractor adjusting, like Cox Technic, to reduce inflammation, improve spinal motion and promote the nutritional flow from the blood supply to the disc.

Chiropractors are well-trained, as we are at Novelli Wellness Center in Orchard Park, NY, to examine and diagnose the different types of back pain conditions. If degenerative disc disease is yours, our chiropractor treatment may include chiropractic spinal manipulation, active, hands-on care in the office that will be matched by your active care at home which may include nutritional supplements or exercise or other therapeutic activities to relieve your symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

Read these latest articles on degenerative disc disease, then contact Novelli Wellness Center for a Orchard Park, NY chiropractor treatment plan that can lead to pain relief and allow you to say “I can help” next time you are needed.

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