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Very Important:  New York State Law requires that we receive your medical records BEFORE you can be seen.  Call your Doctor RIGHT NOW and have them FAX or EMAIL your most recent physical exam report to us at (716) 805-8331 or  Thank you!
THE COST:    $200.
A $50 Deposit is due at the time of scheduling. We Accept Credit Cards / Debit Cards ! 
1.  Your Consultation with the Provider
2.  A Medical Examination with the Provider
3.  Your Medical Marijuana Certification
4.  Your Medical Marijuana Education Program 
ALL of this for $200!
Anyone suffering from...
1. Chronic Pain ( Headaches / Arthritis / Fibromyalgia / etc )
2. Chronic Headaches
4. Multiple Sclerosis
5. Parkinson's Disease
6. Seizures
7. Cancer
8. Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( Crohn's / Colitis ) 
...who has tried other treatment and wasn't satisfied with the results.
Our Medical Marijuana Clinic provides kind, caring and compassionate treatment options for people in the Buffalo, NY area looking for safe and effective treatment. We help people suffering from Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disaese, PTSD and a variety of other health conditions. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, Medical Marijuana may be right for you. Come see one of our healthcare providers who are certified to prescribe Medical Marijuana in New York State.  
Watch this video for an explanation of how Medical Marijuana can help.  Healing starts with being educated!  When you come in to our Buffalo area clinic for your first appointment, all your questions will be answered and you will have access to any educational resources you need to feel completely comfortable using Medical Marijuana as an option to treat your pain, migraine or other health condition.
Medical Marijuana has been approved by New York State as a safe and effective treatment option for people looking to manage their pain, treat migraine headaches, reduce seizures, relax the muscle spasms in their body, calm their neurological condition and provide them an overall sense of comfort as they strive to control their health.  Medical Marijuana has helped millions of people feel better.  We hope to help you feel better too!  We offer same day appointments in the Buffalo, NY area for people who need relief now.  Call us  and be seen today!  We look forward to helping you get relief from your pain, headaches, or other health conditions.
Here is How Medical Marijuana Helps... 
Pain Management / Chronic Pain / Migraine Headaches / etc
Medical Marijuana has been designated by New York State as safe and effective treatment for people suffering from chronic pain, including back pain, neck pain, migraines and other joint pain. For people looking for pain management services with medical marijuana, they can be seen in about a week, which is important if you are suffering with pain and need relief now! Our healthcare providers see people with chronic pain and perform a thorough history and examination to make sure they qualify for this diagnosis.  As long as the person qualifies, they will be prescribed medical marijuana as effective pain management for chronic pain, including migraines, back pain and neck pain. If you live in the Buffalo, NY area, you are only minutes away from our clinic.
Medical Marijuana has several naturally occurring compounds in the marijuana (or Cannabis) plant that help treat people's chronic pain and provide pain management for those in need.  Medical Marijuana contains naturally occurring compounds such as CBD, THC, and Terpines which bind to special receptors in a persons body such as the CB1 receptor. The binding of these compounds creates a series of beneficial effects in a person's body which leads to pain relief, nerve protection and reduced inflammation.  Watch our educational videos for more information!
If you live in the Buffalo, NY area, your Chronic pain including back pain, neck pain and migraine headaches can be treated exclusively with Medical Marijuana instead of relying on more risky treatments such as narcotics.  However, if you are taking narcotics, you and our healthcare providers can often lower your dosage of narcotics required to treat your pain when you use medical marijuana as properly prescribed by our healthcare providers.  Some people can even stop taking their narcotics all together when they use medical marijuana appropriately.
If you have chronic pain and need safe and effective pain management, you have come to the right place.  Medical Marijuana can help.  Please call us today.  We can help. 
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