Buffalo, NY Chiropractor Treatment for Scoliosis with Spinal Stenosis in Older Folks

“Scoliois in my spine? But I am 50 years old! I was under the impression scoliosis was a spine curve in young people.”

scoliosis with spinal stenosisWell, that is not completely factual. The Novelli Wellness Center treats many Buffalo, NY seasoned patients with scoliosis and helps abate their pain with chiropractor. 

Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) can progress in the young years of life and then get worse OR begin disc degeneration and pinched nerves in the middle back and lower back. The pinched nerves are caused by a condition called spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the nerve opening spaces in the spine). Now, the condition of scoliosis and disc degeneration may cause pain in the legs due to stenosis. Pain down the legs called sciatica is caused by a specific pinched nerve. But chiropractor can help!
Spinal stenosis in older adults with scoliosis is prevalent in our chiropractor, so you’re not a unique case! As a matter of fact, one study of 36 patients with a mean age of 69 years had leg pain at a severity level of 6.5 (on a scale of 0 no pain to 10 the worst pain the patient had ever had). 97% of these patients also exhibited at least one level of severe stenosis, and all but one had severe leg pain, too. (1) Your Buffalo, NY chiropractor at The Novelli Wellness Center is trained and ready to advise you on an effective stenosis and scoliosis treatment plan to gain pain relief.
The Novelli Wellness Center is your Buffalo, NY chiropractor clinic to diagnose and treat this stenosis patient who has scoliosis. At The Novelli Wellness Center you will receive Cox Technic, a form of proven, potent, gentle care and pain relief.
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