Dr. Stephen Novelli

A No Fault Doctor and Workers Compensation Doctor in Buffalo, NY who provides a variety of services including massage therapy, spinal decompression, physio therapy and spinal alignments to help you heal.

Dr. Stephen Novelli is a highly skilled, empathetic and caring doctor.  Dr. Novelli is located in the Buffalo, NY area, specifically Orchard Park, NY. Dr. Novelli loves helping people get out of pain!  Thousands of people have been helped by Dr. Novelli.  He looks forward to helping you!
Dr. Novelli accepts most insurance types, and he is one of the only doctors in Buffalo, NY that is a No Fault doctor and a Workers Compensation doctor.  A No Fault Doctor or a Workers Compensation Doctor is a doctor who has been specifically trained to help people who have unfortunately been injured in a car accident or a work related injury.  No Fault or car accident injuries and workers compensation injuries require a special type of knowledge of how to rehabilitate them.  Being a No Fault doctor and a Workers Compensation Doctor, Dr. Novelli has received many hours of specialized training on getting people who have been injured in a car accident back to their pre-injury status.  
Dr. Novelli is on a mission to provide compassionate and high quality total patient care services to his Buffalo, NY community.  Dr. Novelli owns The Novelli Wellness Center and is currently accepting new patients with all insurance types, including No Fault Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.   
Many people with No Fault Insurance and Workers Compensation are looking for access to massage therapy in Buffalo, NY.  No Fault Massage Therapy and Workers Compensation Massage Therapy is free for patients who have been in car accidents and work injuries when it is performed by a No Fault Doctor or Workers Compensation Doctor. In order for No Fault or Workers Compensation to cover massage therapy, you must seek out someone like Dr. Novelli who has been trained and certified by NY state to perform these services.  Dr. Novelli has been trained as a No Fault Doctor and a Workers Compensation Doctor and thus regularly performs Massage Therapy for people in the Buffalo, NY area.  
As a No Fault Doctor, Dr. Novelli is also an expert at helping people who struggle with common injuries that occur in car accidents, such as headaches, neck pain, back pain and sciatica.  He also serves his community as a workers compensation doctor for patients who are injured at work or injured in a car accident.  After a workers compensation injury or no fault injury, having a doctor who knows how to effectively treat the injury and navigate the challenges posed by no fault and workers compensation insurance companies can be extremely valuable. Dr. Novelli is that kind of doctor.  He will go the extra mile for his patients who have a no fault related injury or workers compensation injury.  Dr. Novelli is truly dedicated to improving the well-being of his patients.
If you need to get better NOW, call us or request an appointment online today!  Dr. Novelli looks forward to helping you! 
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